disabled facebook account reactivation with estudytech, if your account was disabled because of violation we will teach you how to reactivate your disabled facebook account reactivation. in year 2017 and 2016 facebook has decided to update their user security policies and new account creation. facebook made changes in terms and condition, facebook also blocked more then a million of id’s because of violation in year 2017.

how to recover your disabled Facebook account

if your account was disabled because of any misuse or any kind of violation, now you can reactivate your account easily. you  have to provide few information about your account. if  your information is correct then facebook team will email you for account confirmation. here are few step for disabled facebook account reactivation.


1.How to recover self deactivated account

please check your account if it is recoverable yet, if you manually apply for delete the account, you can easily recover this self deleted account. if you are selected for account deletion then you have maximum 14 days for recover your deleted account. in this tenure you can get back your account with simple login method. open the facebook website and enter the email and password in box and click login button. once you logged in facebook page will redirect you to the page of deleted if accessible. click cancel button if you want to use your facebook account. now you can use your facebook account.

2. disabled facebook account reactivation via submitting an appeal

first check your facebook account is disabled or not, then open the facebook website and enter your email and password and then click log in button. a box will appear if you see in the box this message “account disabled” that mean now you are able to submit an appeal to facebook. now click submit an appeal and you will see an appeal page. you will have a form and now submit this form and wait for few days facebook will reply you in couple of days.

2. how to recover my facebook account with date of birth

now you can also recover your facebook account easily with date of birth request. submit an appeal for active you account with date of birth click here.  when you click this link facebook appeal page will open like this.

disabled facebook account reactivation

and fill the form your account will be active in few days.


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