What is Seo

SEO is the factor which is used for rank any kind of blog, website or application in search engines. their are many search engines some of them are quite famous google, yahoo,msn etc.

What is Seo

in Search Engine Optimization webmasters need to understand, the mutual requirements and behaviors of visitors. they should explore more about audience. what actually audience want from our website, what are they looking for, why do they visit our website.

in SEO visitor always believe quality content provider website they always try get advantages from particular websites, suppose if a person has health blog, when visitor open the website and search for health and he found article on Technology, it means your website is completely failed you have done useless seo on your website.

Top High Quality content is the absolute most essential thing to influence your site on top help you to web index well disposed, as indicated by Google. So what qualifies as great substance?

Great substance depicts what your site is about in an intriguing and alluring way. It is educational, valuable content that incorporates the catchphrases that you need related with your site. It additionally has a decent design, with titles and features to make it charming to peruse and incorporates a few pictures.


Web indexes should have the capacity to explore your webpage and perceive what really matters to it, that is the reason it is important how your website is composed. Ensure every one of your pages are connected together and have an enlightening URL, title and meta portrayal.

On the off chance that you utilize pictures on your site, incorporate an option content. This “ALT content” is a short depiction of what really matters to the picture. Likewise expel any connections that quit working.

In the event that other individuals connect to pages on your site, this is a sign for web indexes that the data on your page is critical or fascinating. This will bring about higher positioning. Connections additionally create more activity, since you can get guests by means of different routes than web crawlers.

Google recognizes normal and unnatural contents. The normal contents in SEO create after some time in light of the fact that other individuals like substance on your site. The unnatural contents are made with the expectation to control web crawlers and ought to be kept away from.


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