Best way to approve google non hosted adsense step by step

Best way to approve google non hosted adsense step by step

 What is adsense and why we need?

This is the best way to earn money online. adsense provide many features then other networks. Adsense is each time best platform to put advertisements on your youtube channel And blog. Adsense is a free platform claimed by Google. In this article, I will share some vital Well ordered Guide Best way to approve google non hosted adsense step by step.

Custom Domain

Most vital you require a custom area to approve  Non-Facilitated Adsense account. Custom domain does not mean a subdomain like, et cetera custom space imply that space which you have to enroll it on your name Like is a custom space with .com augmentation and others like .net, .ml, .uk etc. Google gives high need to a premium level custom area so in the occasion that you need to endorse non-hosted Adsense rapidly the essential thing is Space.

Seo friendly Design

The second critical thing in the rundown is the Perfect/Basic outline of your blog, From clean design, it implies the plan which is anything but difficult to utilize, successful. Exactly when the Google check your site for Adsense its must to have a perfect outline which will help you to favor your Adsense Quick.

Premium Template

Another basic thing in the rundown is premium Format. Premium layout means you can purchase your favorite format from one of layout site page and exchange it to your blog. Premium layout shows your proprietorship to your blog.


The most important thing for Adsense is traffic. You require traffic/visitors to apply for Adsense account.If you have traffic and Google Adsense group check your blog then its positive point to approve Adsense. if your blog contains high traffic Google will give priority because of the google requirements. The most extreme movement you have the greatest individuals will see google promotions and that is way Adsense account will support quickly.

Use  Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us  pages. 

As each blog requirements are some pages like Privacy policy, Contact page, About us, Sitemap, Disclaimer page these are the most important pages to appear on your Blog. Morever these all pages will help the visitors to get access you easily. if google see these pages on your blog google will give priority to your blog.

Use About Profile 

Utilize your profile picture with some kind of profile in your blog. It means Your Google+ or blog profile in a blog that individuals will contact easily and it will likewise simple approach to approve Adsense account.

Blog post contents

when you create your new blog you should remember the thing about articles. your blog should must have more then 30 organic keyword posts, and each article must have more then 1000 words. before apply for adsense you have to socialize your blog. use simple english for your blog post. even a fifth class student can understand easily

Unique Quality Contents 

contents are the backbone of every blog and websites. if you have rich content your website can get fast indexed in google or any other search engine. quality contents is the way to rank high. if any crawler catch as copy-paste materials  then your blog will be panalized and your account will be disabled. So its very important to post rich contents on your website and then apply for Adsense for your blog.


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