ufone call packages 2017

ufone call packages 2017, Ufone is one of the biggest investors of versatile cell clients in pakistan. For any organization to get an upper hand, it is vital that it must offer snappy offers and arrangements to its clients. The bundle is a typical world that is utilized as a part of the telecom business. The phone organizations dispatches call bundles, SMS bundles and now data bundles everywhere in pakistan and then with the point of giving better offers to their clients.

Ufone is additionally offering intriguing, catchy and economic call bundles to his customers. Here we are figure out all call bundles being offered by the Ufone. Nonetheless, the rundown contains the bundles for prepaid clients as it were.

Ufone Call Packages 2017 and Other Offers

Ufone is the one of the most popular calling networks in pakistan, ufone always engage his customer with different kind of offers.When you have to remain associated in the most minimal conceivable rates, Ufone causes you do that without flaw! Wherever you are, wherever you go, diverse call bundles for various requirements can be effectively subscribed to without a stress. Just dial the particular subscription code and your bundle will be activated with in few minutes as it were. At first, versatile correspondence was the most costly and individuals favored the landline over cell phones. In any case, today the situation has proceeded and portable memberships are the most straightforward approach to remain associated with your friends and family whether in an indistinguishable nation from you or abroad.

The circumstances when you needed to use a standard calling packages. according to your requirements, your bundles that is the least complex govern most telecom organizations now take after. By and large, there are three sorts clients of the administration; the individuals who put calls inside a similar system, who put approaches an alternate system lastly ones who make landline calls utilizing their versatile administration. ufone call packages 2017 Notwithstanding whichever sort of administration you lean toward, ufone call packages 2017 has something for everybody. You should simply make sense of who you call most and afterward pay the least rates around the local area in like manner.

Ufone offer Hourly Prepaid Call Packages

 Sr. Package Name Package Price How to subscribe Detail About packages
1 Power Hour Rs. 6+tax Dial *99# 60 on-net mins + 60 SMS and 10 other net min+60 MB
2 Super Call Offer Rs. 3.89/hour Dial:*45# Unlimited Calls U to U numbers
3 UTH Student Call Offers Rs. 3 Dial:*202# each call in just 0.75Rs per hour
4 Dabangg call hourly offers (only for UTH package subscriber) Rs.3.99 incl. tax Dial:*212# Unlimited on-net calls+Unlimited SMS+Unlimited MBs

Ufone Prepaid Daily Call Packages

 Sr. Call Package Name call package Price How to subscribe  Detail About packages
1 24hr Call Package Rs 11.99+tax Dial *2424# Unlimited on-net minutes
2 Super Sasta Call Package Rs 0.85+ tax (per 30 sec) Dial *5678# Rs.0.85+tax/30 sec
3 Din Bhar Call Offer Rs. 7 incl.tax Dial *445# Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers from 9am-5pm.
4 Super 5 Offer Rs. 5+ tax Dial *5252# Unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL, Vfone+Unlimited SMS(valid from 5am-5pm).
5 Daily Pakistan Offer Rs. 18 incl. tax Dial:*888# Unlimited on-net minutes+Unlimited MBs.

Ufone Prepaid Weekly Call Packages

 Sr. Call Package Name Package Price How To Subscribe Detail About Packages
1 U – Power Package Rs. 80 incl.tax Dial *5050# 100 on Ufone mins+100 and  SMS+1GB internet.
2 U Weekly Pakistan Offers Rs.100 inlc.tax Dial *8888# Unlimited on-net minutes+100 MBs.

Ufone Prepaid Monthly Call Packages

 Sr. Call Package Name Price How to Subscribe  Detail About Packages
1 Super Card Rs 499 Load Ufone Super Card 1000-net minutes+1000 SMS+150 off-net min+1000 MB
2 Super Card Plus Rs 599 Load Ufone Super Card Plus 1200-net minutes+1200 SMS+200 off-net min+1200 MB
3 PTCL to Ufone Rs. 150+tax Dial 1236 from PTCL Unlimited calls to all Ufone numbers
4 Din Bhar Offer Rs. 150+ tax Dial:*4455# Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers from 9am-5pm
5 Monthly Pakistan Offer Rs. 418 incl. tax Dial:*8888# Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers+ 400 MBs

Ufone Prepaid Multiple Call Packages

Call Package Name Package Price How to Subscribe  Detail About Package
1 Super Mini Card (expire will be in 15 days) Rs 299 incl. tax Load Ufone Super Mini Card 500 on-net min+500 SMS+75 off-net min+500 MB + 500 SMS.
2 Super Recharge (expire will be in 2 days) Rs 40 incl. tax Load Ufone Super Recharge 300-net min+300 SMS+10 off-net min+30 MB.
3 3 pe 3 Rs. 5 incl. tax Dial:*343# Unlimited calls for 3 hours to all ufone, PTCL, vfone numbers (5pm-9pm) exluded.


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