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Ufone Internet Packages ufone offer internet packages on daily, weekly and monthly base. ufone also added social data package for ufone prepaid customers. Pakistan Media transmission Organization Constrained (PTCL) that began its operations in January 2001 under the brand name ‘Ufone’. Because of PTCL’s privatization, Ufone turned into a piece of the Emirates Media transmission Enterprise Gathering (Etisalat) in 2006.

Since its starting, Ufone has concentrated on the general population of Pakistan, engaging them with the most significant correspondence modes and administrations that empower them to do significantly something other than talk, at a value that suits them the most. Alongside the claim of most minimal call rates, clear stable and best system, Ufone offers its clients improved levies with no concealed charges. With a solid and exceptionally hilarious correspondence bearing that has now turned into Ufone’s mark over all promoting media, Ufone gives its clients many motivations to grin.

How to subscribed Ufone Packages on just one dial.

now you can subscribe Ufone 3G Internet Packages, Prepaid or Postpaid just dial for packages *3#.

Ufone Internet Packages.

ufone offer internet packages on daily, weekly and monthly base. ufone also added social data package to its users.

These are the Ufone Prepaid Daily 3G Internet Packages/bundles.

package timinghow to subscribehow to UNSUB 

Data Bundle Price (per package) Data Volume in (MB)
Daily light net bundles 10 40 24 hours *804# UNSUB to 8804
Daily heavy net bundles 15 75 24 hours *8042# *4804#
Special daily net bundles 5 50 01 AM- 09 PM *810# UNSUB to 7810
Mega Internet net bundles 99 1,024 1 AM – 6 AM *550# *5501#

ufone offers Free Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & Line for all except premium Internet buckets. if customers are using Mega Internet bundles & Super/Mini Super Card same time then usage against free browsing will be charged from Super/Mini Super Card volume.

Ufone internet packages Weekly – Prepaid

ufone offer prepaid weekly 3G internet packages, ufone set package automatically once subscription date end your ufone internet weekly package will be expire. ufone does not set any unsub code for this offer.

subscription timinghow to Subscribehow to UNSUB Code

internet Bundle Name price for bundle data Volume (MB)
Weekly Light bucket 50 250 24 hours *7811# N/A
Weekly heavy bucket 125 500 24 hours *7815# N/A

Ufone Internet Packages Prepaid for 3 Days 

how long ufone help customer to subscribe different package so Ufone also have 3 days packages for subscribers.


Internet Bundle Name Price for bundle data Volume (MB) Subscription Timing how to subscribe how to UNSUB Code
3-day bucket 25 100 24 hours *3350# N/A


Ufone Social Data 3G Internet Packages Prepaid

Ufone also offers special Social Daily and Monthly Prepaid 3G Internet Packages for free usage on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

data bundle Name Price for bundle subscription timing How to Subscription Code How to UNSUB Code Social Website Detail
Social Daily Bucket 5 01 Day *4242# UNSUB to 5444 Free usage on Facebook, WhatsApp &Twitter.
Social Monthly Bucket 50 30 Days *5858# N/A Free usage on Facebook, WhatsApp &Twitter.

Ufone internet packages Terms & Conditions for Prepaid 3G Bundles.

  1. All data bundles are valid only for prepaid customers.
  2. you can subscribe data bundle just dial *3#.
  3. you can also check remaining balance just dial *706# and check Prepaid 3G buckets remaining data MB. and dial *707# to check the remaining balance for Social data packages. Standard charges may apply.
  4. you can not subscribe same data bundles more then one time.
  5. you can subscribe Ufone Weekly internet package for more then one subscription.
  6. all ufone data bundle can be unsubscribe any time.


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