Ufone Postpaid Internet packages

Ufone Postpaid Internet packages 2017,how to activate ufone postpaid internet package monthly weekly and daily base internet packages.

So on the off chance that you are a Ufone postpaid client or you need to rearrange your number on Postpaid from paid ahead of time, at that point I recommend you once that you should read this whole post once to see that how flawlessly Ufone is inviting you to join its postpaid system. It has masterminded exceptionally advantageous and shoddy rates bundles in which you can profit a ton of free minutes for call, SMS and web MBs. Ufone Postpay give you incomparable talk arrange for that suit with your way of life and stay associating with your companion and family.

Following couple of days 3G bundle will dispatch for postpaid Ufone Clients now in beneath side you can get Ufone postpaid bundles 2017 call SMS web points of interest and initiation strategy

Ufone Postpaid Internet packages 3G Internet

Other than Prepaid 3G Internet Packages, Ufone also offers a number of Prepay 3G Internet Packages to the postpaid customers.

Data Bundles Name Package Price Data Volume (MB) Package valid till How to Subscribe
Postpaid 1GB 300 1024 30 *4547#
Postpaid 3GB 700 3072 30 *805#
Postpaid 5GB 1000 5120 30 *7550#
Postpaid 10GB 1200 10240 30 *8550#

Terms & Conditions for Ufone Postpay 3G Internet Packages

  • All buckets are valid for postpaid customers only
  • Buckets can also be subscribed by dialing *3#
  • Dial *4545#to check the remaining balance of the buckets
  • Multiple subscriptions of the buckets are not allowed.
  • Dial *7701# to deactivate 3G on your connection.

Other Ufone 3G Internet Packages

In addition to above packages, Ufone also offers following 3G Internet Packages:

Package Name Price (Rs) Volume Validity Subscription Code Other data bundles detail
3 – Days Hybrid Data Bundle 30+tax 30MB 3 days *5353# 300 min (U-U/PTCL/Vfone), 300 SMS, 30MBs
Super Mega Internet Offer 99 1GB 1am – 6am *550#  Not Availbaley

Ufone Internet Packages: Uth Pack

Youth Pack is a part of Ufone Package. Youth Package offers three type of packages: My Pack Offer for voice

calls, SMS Groups (day by day, week after week and month to month) and Versatile Web Offers (day by day, month to month and super month to month web bundles). Here are the entire subtle elements of Ufone Day by day, Month to month and Super Month to month web bundles/packs.

Uth Pack clients at the season of subscribing Every day Portable bundle will have the decision of subscribing Day by day Package on Auto re-membership or to subscribe a Day by day manual (one day) Package. On account of Day by day Versatile Web bundle, SMS on Short Code 6850 with Watchword SUB. You will get an answer approaching to answer with 1 for Day by day Auto Package or 2 for


Daily Manual Data Bundle  Package Price  Data Volume Subscription Timing How to subscribe Code How To UNSUB Code
Daily Lethal Surfer 10 50MB 24 hours 6850 6851
Monthly Pro Surfer 150 1.5GB 30 days 6860 N/A
Monthly Heavy 500 4GB 30 days 6870 N/A

Monthly Package Subscription will auto expire in 30 days.

Ufone Super Internet Package

Ufone Offer Super Internet Package, this package is another internet bundle offered by Ufone. this offers has 1 GB internet for a week for just Rupees 100/-. This is most used ufone internet package.

Price is: Rs. 100/-
Expire in : 7days.

  1. Multiple subscription is allowed for monthly and mega super monthly for ufone packages.
  • you can subscribe more then one time, No of Data volume MBs will increase but expiry will be with in 24 hours
  • Data Bundle and short code allowed in Uth Pack  brand
  • Auto-subscription is disabled you have to subscribe this package manually.Ufone Portable data Bundle Request Uth Pack clients will have the capacity to check Versatile data remaining equalization of the subscribed packages through:

    Shortcode for ufone data bundles

    Dial *706# @ 20paisa+Tax.

    Ufone Portable data Bundle

    Code: 6821 @ Rs. 0.50+Tax or

    Uth Pack clients can get data on Portable Web groups offer on the bundle through:

    Order: ‘data’

    Short Code: 6837

    Charges: Rs. 0.50 + Assessment

    This was about Ufone 3G Web Bundles. On the off chance that we have missed anything do tell us. On the off chance that you need us to expound on whatever else, do say in the remarks beneath.


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