Zong 4G in pakistan

Zong 4G is the pakistan’s greatest Cellular Systems, zong gives worlds calling and super speed information solutions varying with prepaid and postpaid service to users.

Zong 4G – Pakistan’s Fastest Internet

Zong has all solutions ,4G 3G,. Zong provide 3G and 4G support in over 400 towns of pakistan, zong is pakistan first Cell Gsm Support more then 3 millions client are in pakistan.china cell spent more then $2 Million for develop up zong community facilities, zong offering most useful web pace then additional system in pakistan, 3G pace of additional system are merely common, but zong lead the with 7.71Mbps of typical 3-G rates on its information system.


Zong 3G Network


Details processing of Zong is the greatest observed, at the although zong 4G velocity is also great then additional sites warid is furthermore on 2nd quantity with 4.5Mbps but zong is top as well as zong has more info users


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